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Established in 2008, bitnova continually activated as an independent contractor in the period 2011 – 2017 in software projects involving database centric applications and systems of applications, data integration services, web site customization, embedded and IoT development.

Currently there are four main areas in which bitnova activates:

  1. Transformer fleet monitoring system developed with and for A. Eberle
  2. Fast CMS and desktop virtualization technology for web development
  3. Development of second generation cloud based e-store distributed solution (generically referred to as Retailer) after acquiring intelletual property rights for the retailing system previously developed and maintained for 4e Software
  4. Research and development of hardware based neural systems
and usually all technologies are developed with interconnectivity in mind

More recently, bitnova started publishing portions of the .quark code with intent to help other people and businesses build upon a fast and lightweight code base.